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Downtown Chamblee Gains a Taproom and Micro Food Hall Next Spring

Chamblee Tap and Market will feature a taproom with 20 taps serving beer and wine, four food stalls, and a coffee shop…

Chamblee Tap and Market To Bring a Taproom, Micro Food Hall to City in Spring 2023

Expect a coffee shop, four food stalls, and a 20-tap, taproom, when the venue opens next year.

Micro food hall and taproom coming to Chamblee

Chamblee Tap & Market will open in spring 2023 in a building covering parcels 3509 and 3515 Broad St.

Chamblee Tap & Market Taps Terra Alma To Curate Food Hall

Excitement is brewing as Chamblee Tap & Market prepares to unveil its taproom and micro food hall, poised to become the newest hotspot in historic downtown Chamblee.